Jamie Markosian Blog – Poinsettia Bowl – Day 3

Merry Christmas Aggie fans!!

I hope you have all had a blessed and joyous Christmas with your families and friends. The Aggies had a great Christmas Day here in San Diego. We started off the day with breakfast with the whole party of Aggies. We then had our last practice of the season and the last one of my career!!

After this we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. What an incredible place. It was amazing to see so many diverse animals in one place. Some of the guys were able to meet some Galapagos tortoises that were over 150 years old. We shared a lot of laughs and “oooos” and “ahhhhs” while visiting the zoo. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. 

Tomorrow is game day!! The day we have been in San Diego waiting for. We are so excited to play such a quality opponent and can’t wait to face off against them on ESPN. Make sure to tune in if you aren’t in sunny San Diego.

Much love and holiday blessings to all!! GO AGGIES!!!

Poinsettia Bowl – Day 2

Hello Aggie fans. Merry Christmas Eve! We had a great time today. It was a busy day and full of a lot of hustle and bustle. 

After practice this morning we had a delicious lunch courtesy of L&L’s Hawaiian BBQ. We then made our way to Sea World. It was a whole lot of fun! I was able to meet two dolphins and play catch with them. Literally. We got to throw fish and even a football to the dolphins. I had an awesome time interacting with those beautiful animals! 

After I got done playing with the dolphins we were able to roam around the park and see all the different marine animals and see some shows. 

After we got done with Sea World we went to Lefty’s Chicago Style Pizza. Just another busy day here in beautiful San Diego. 

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all have a blessed and joyous day with your families. Talk to you all tomorrow. 

Poinsettia Bowl – Day 1

We have made it to San Diego! Day one is wrapping up after a long and arduous day of travel. The weather in Logan forced us to go down to Ogden where we ran into more problems with security. We ended up having to go through security twice and finally got out around 6:45 pm (MT) and into San Diego around 7:30 pm (PT). Sadly, this was only the first plane of Aggies. The second plane didn’t leave Utah until midnight and they strolled casually into the hotel around 3 am (PT).

Needless to say, the travel was tough. However, the weather has just about made up for all that seeing as it is 70 and sunny. 

Today we woke up and went to San Diego State where we practiced. We had a good day at practice in the sun and light ocean breeze.

After practice we went to the USS Midway and had lunch under the flight deck. The ship is amazing! One of the coolest sights I’ve ever seen. The ship is massive and is literally a city at sea. “The Pride of the Pacific” did not disappoint. 

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.

Merry Christmas from the Aggies!

Jamie Markosian – #54 – SR – OL – Salt Lake City, Utah (Juan Diego HS)

Hi Aggies!
We have been busy preparing for our bowl game in San Diego. School finished out last Friday and finals are over. It was a successful semester for me and the test of the team. We have since been plugging away getting the young guys ready for spring ball and getting the older guys back fresh.
Practice has been good so far preparing for the Huskies. We are looking forward to not only playing in our third consecutive bowl game, but playing against a quality ranked opponent.
The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia bowl is proving to be a great experience. We are excited and thankful to be participating in such a quality bowl game and cannot wait to get down there on Sunday.
Tune in for a day by day update of bowl activities and events from San Diego and I look forward to seeing all of Aggie Nation in sunny San Diego!
Happy holidays and God bless,

Jamie Markosian – #54 – SR – OL – Salt Lake City, Utah (Juan Diego HS)

Hello Aggie fans. What a weekend. Senior Day was amazing! A special thank you to all our families and friends who showed up to support us. What a great experience. Can’t thank AggieNation enough for the support.  Last weekend was more than just Senior Day, it was also the Mountain Division clinching game. Even more importantly, it means we are headed to Fresno to play for the Mountain West Championship game.
What an amazing opportunity for us, especially after the season we have had.  Battling injuries, overcoming adversity. We are blessed and privileged to be able to play for a title and we are going to make the very best of it. Fresno is a good team, but so are we. We will be prepared and ready to play. I can’t wait to see what Saturday night holds for the Aggies. Make sure you tune in because it’s going to be a memorable night.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my teammates for making this year so special. We have stuck together and battled for each other and I am proud to be a part of this team and this school. Love you guys.
Thank you for everything and go Aggies!!

Jamie Markosian – #54 – SR – OL – Salt Lake City, Utah (Juan Diego HS)

Hello Aggie fans!  It has been a while since my last blog, but it’s good to be back and talking to you again!
We had a good two weeks after our first bye of the season winning at home against Hawai’i and going on the road for a win against UNLV. The latter was a little shaky, but we made it out with the win!! It goes to show the determination of this team for the journey we are in.
Coming off of our second bye of the season, we are feeling fresh and refreshed, but most importantly we are ready and excited to play and finish off this regular season. Colorado State is coming into Romney Stadium this Saturday and it will be a great game.
Kickoff is at 1:30 pm and it should be a great day for football. We can’t wait to see you all in the stands and cheering us on. We really do love AggieNation and can’t wait to perform for you this Saturday.
Go Aggies!!

Jamie Markosian – #54 – SR – OL – Salt Lake City, Utah (Juan Diego HS)

Hello Aggie fans!
Man it’s been a little bit since I’ve spoken to you last. We hope everyone is doing great and that you all had an awesome Halloween. Hopefully there were some great costumes out there.
We are feeling rested and fresh as we come off our bye week. We had a much needed chance to catch our breath and prepare to finish the season the right way. We are excited to get back to work and play Saturday against Hawaii.
I can’t wait to see all of AggieNation at the stadium Saturday for the 2:00pm kickoff. There’s nothing like a Saturday afternoon in the fall at Romney Stadium. We love seeing all you guys at the games and know that we truly appreciate our love and support.
See you at the game!!
Jamie.  Go Aggies!!