Jamie Markosian Blog – Poinsettia Bowl – Day 3

Merry Christmas Aggie fans!!

I hope you have all had a blessed and joyous Christmas with your families and friends. The Aggies had a great Christmas Day here in San Diego. We started off the day with breakfast with the whole party of Aggies. We then had our last practice of the season and the last one of my career!!

After this we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. What an incredible place. It was amazing to see so many diverse animals in one place. Some of the guys were able to meet some Galapagos tortoises that were over 150 years old. We shared a lot of laughs and “oooos” and “ahhhhs” while visiting the zoo. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. 

Tomorrow is game day!! The day we have been in San Diego waiting for. We are so excited to play such a quality opponent and can’t wait to face off against them on ESPN. Make sure to tune in if you aren’t in sunny San Diego.

Much love and holiday blessings to all!! GO AGGIES!!!

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One response to “Jamie Markosian Blog – Poinsettia Bowl – Day 3

  1. Tonight I turn on the Poinsettia Bowl to see that our team has decided to play this NATIONALLY TELEVISED game with no logo on their helmets????!!! What wingnut decided to change the decal from the way we’ve had it all year?? Whoever came up with the idea of putting on a silver decal that basically can’t be seen should be demoted or fired. Hey, 90% of the nation doesn’t know who we are – Tonight is one of those FEW OPPORTUNITIES to showcase who we are . . . and we decide to do this??? My brother-in-law who is watching with me tonight asked me, “What? Did USU go with a retro uniform?” Uhhhh…… no. Some idiot didn’t take into account that SILVER decals REFLECT the lights. Come on, guys? WTH?????????

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