USU Football – August 11, 2014

Hello Aggie Nation,
As a senior, I will be writing a weekly blog giving all of you a behind-the-scences perspective on what us players are thinking and going through. Please follow along as we try to attain all of our goals this year.
Fall camp started last week and this is a time for the players to be able to master the techniques and skills they’ve been taught and get used to the speed of the game. The first week is important because it allows the players a very short acclimatization period before the dog days of camp begin. Being able to put pads on again is exciting and it makes all of the off season training worth it to finally be able to play the sport that you train so hard for. It is a taxing, emotionally, physically and mentally.
It is a time to start developing the identity for the 2014 edition of the USU Aggies. Go Aggies!!!